Welcome to the new GYHM website!

As all of you know I've been selling on instagram for a while now. Unfortunately detailed invoices are taking up a lot of my time so I decided to make this website for my drops, in stock items, and updates. Detailed invoices keep me organized and I don't have to check instagram messages to see what I have to make or include in an order. This will now be taken care of by the shop feature on this website.

I will also be using this space as a blog. The entries over on https://goodbyeyouhellomesplace.blogspot.com will remain there, visit me on blogspot if you want to see old posts :)


If you made an order but forgot to add an item, use the code corresponding to your location to avoid paying for shipping twice. 

USA: combineorderusa

INTERNATIONAL: combineorderintl


GYHM now offers layaway on orders over $130
For layaway choose from the drop down menu, place your order and then contact me with your layaway plan via email or DM on instagram.
If you're charged $1 per layaway item that will be deducted from your down payment.


International buyers, I'm sorry but I will not under declare the value of items on the customs form. This is a crime and I don't want to end up paying a fine or worse.


Will soon be announced on IG. August contest winner is:


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